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latest results, squad 20th March 2021, 20:00 EDT

This massive 8km x 8km map has been developed using actual Digital Terrain Elevation Data for the base layer.
On the center of the map is Combat Outpost (COP) KEATING located near the village of Kamdesh in the Nuristan province of Afghanistan.

This map features very mountainous terrain with a vertical nature that so far has been largely unseen in Squad.
With flowing rivers, realistic villages, deep valleys, underground tunnels, and a vast network of trails and roads, this map challenges Squad players to think about how air and ground logistics will be needed in support of point capture/defense on such a large map.

The Battle of Kamdesh took place during the war in Afghanistan. It occurred on October 3, 2009, when a force of 300 Taliban assaulted the American Combat Outpost (“COP”) Keating near the town of Kamdesh in Nuristan Province in eastern Afghanistan.



Never Play Alone’s MOD Teams Nuristan Map



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The map is still very early in development so expect bugs and incomplete areas.

Currently, this map is being developed By PredB [NPA], Greyghost [NPA], nannerB [NPA], And Panda.

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