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About Terrydactyl


Hi there, I’m Terrydactyl! I’m from England and I’ve been gaming since my pre-teens starting with the Sega Master System. Primarily I am now a PC player, but I do have a PS4 as well.

How did you choose your gamer tag?

Someone where I work randomly called me it one day and I liked it!

How long have you been associated with Never Play Alone?

Since February 2020


What do you stream?

I mainly stream Hell Let Loose, but occasionaly I will stream other games like Cyberpunk 2077, and Rising Storm 2 Vietnam.


What time zone do you stream?



When was your very first stream?

My first stream was of SOMA back in February 2019.


Two truths and one lie:

-I used to play American Football.

-I have metal pins in my collar bone from a break.

-I have 2 greyhounds.