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About Saucy


I’m Saucymuffin, an official NPA (Never Play Alone) gamer, streamer and content creator. I play mostly team-based strategic FPS games, with occasional solo FPS/Adventure games. Gaming has always been a passion and now I’m looking to share that passion with you, so come on in and hang out!

How did you choose your gamer tag?

Back when youtube was starting my friends and I stumbled into a video called Cunningham Muffins, and we kept on coming up with goofy types of muffins and lost it when I said Saucymuffin. I’ve used it for everything since!

How long have you been associated with Never Play Alone?

Since August 2020 after some admins found me streaming HLL while playing on their servers!


What do you stream?

Mostly strategy based FPS games like Hell Let Loose, and Squad. But I’m always down for a great single player game with an amazing story.


What time zone do you stream?

Eastern Standard Time (East coast is best coast).


When was your very first stream?

Years ago, but my first serious stream was in June of 2020.


Two truths and one lie:

-My first ever FPS game was the original Castle Wolfenstein.

-While working as a commercial electrician I was almost exploded when a pole truck I was working with broke a gas main.

-My beard is actually a Hollywood level prosthetic.