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About Neutral


I am Neutral and I am an avid gamer and member of NPA. Nothing is safe from my ineptitude and rambling. I play everything from Hell Let Loose to Factorio to D&D.

How did you choose your gamer tag?

I originally was Chaotically Neutral, a name chosen for my love of D&D. However, due to it’s length it became unwieldy to keep it once I tried to start branding myself so I became just Neutral.

How long have you been associated with Never Play Alone?

I first joined the Discord in November 2019 but I didn’t really become affiliated with the team as a streamer until March 2020 when I decided to take content creation seriously.

What do you stream?

Survival and Management Games mostly.


What time zone do you stream?

Pacific (GMT-8).


When was your very first stream?

Spring 2019.

Two truths and one lie:

-I have broken more than 2 dozen bones.
-I started all 4 years of College Football (Div 3)
-I have won 10 amatuer MMA fights