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About Monoespacial



How did you choose your gamer tag?

From the movie Fight Club. The dudes in Tyler Durden’s army are called “Spacemonkeys” at some point. Monoespacial is spacemonkey in spanish, which I would use in games whenever spacemonkey wasn’t available.

How long have you been associated with Never Play Alone?

Since March 2020.

What do you stream?

I usually stick to 2-3 recently released games that I like playing. In the past few months I’ve streamed: Hell Let Loose, Ghost of Tsushima, Hades, Battlefield V, Mario Galaxy, Risk of Rain 2, The Riftbreaker, CrossCode.

What time zone do you stream?

GMT-3 or -4 depending on the time of the year.


When was your very first stream?

July 2019.