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About Fridges


Just another streamer trying to make the dream a reality. Ex-navy, ex-cleaner, ex-construction, ect, ect. My content mainly consists of hardcore games that require skill, strategy, and patience. I never miss a line of chat. We have a very positive community and you are welcome to join!

How did you choose your gamer tag?

I just like to keep things fun and cool. ”Fridges” was a good tag to describe that.


How long have you been associated with Never Play Alone?

I joined on September 30th, 2019 and never looked back.


What do you stream?

I will literally play anything. Gaming is a way of life for me.


What time zone do you stream?

GMT+1, otherwise known as “The Right One”.


When was your very first stream?



Two truths and one lie:

-I served in the Irish navy
-Leprechauns are real
-Brat_Cat is 4 foot tall