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About Duckm4n


Duckm4n here. NPA Legend. Thanks for stopping in and free to hit that follow. Grinding to partner. Almost on stream daily plus multi stream with fellow small streamers. Support those small streamers!

How did you choose your gamer tag?

Surprisingly my gamer tag originated for my love of duck hunting. No relation to the show “Duckman”


How long have you been associated with Never Play Alone?

I’ve been around since Sept. 30 2018.


What do you stream?

Mostly FPS, but dabble with League of Legends and a few others.


What time zone do you stream?

Central Time US


When was your very first stream?

early 2019ish?


Two truths and one lie:

-I’m a Junior Olympian
-My other ride is big, red with lights and sirens
-Fridges is really Australian